124+ Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Sister [2022]

Birthday Wishes for Sister

Are you looking for some Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for your Sister? Here, I have compiled of list of happy birthday wishes, to help you make your sister feel better by receiving a special wishing from her siblings.

It’s hard to find the special words to express your feelings to the ones you find most loving. Especially, when you have a sister, you have to be appropriate and get the best combination of words to help your sister feel special.

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However, a normal happy birthday wish isn’t enough for your special ones, you have to choose the words wisely to tell your sister that she matters a lot. In that case, you read some of the best birthday wishes from the following section.

List of Birthday Wishes for Sister

1. Happy birthday to my older sister. You’re the best!

2. Thank you for being my ultimate role model. You rock, sis! 

3. Happy birthday, old lady. Just kidding, love ya! 

4. You may always be older than me, but I’ll always be wiser. Happy birthday, sister. 

5. Many happy returns on your special day.

6. Happy birthday to my favorite sister! 

7. I’m the luckiest person in the world to call you my big sister. Happy birthday. 

8. You’ve always been my partner in crime. Let’s hope that never changes! 

9. Thanks for always keeping me out of trouble, sister! 

10. To my favorite little sis, happy birthday! 

11. You may have more gray hair than me, but that’s only because I dye mine! Happy birthday, sister.

12. I will always look up to you, sis, so make good decisions on your birthday! No pressure. ;-P

Birthday Wishes for Sister

13. I can’t believe we’ve made it this far! Let’s keep going, partner in crime! 

14. To my favorite sister, I hope your birthday is as wonderful as wine, and as sweet as sugar! I love you. 

15. I hope your year is as special as you are big sis! 

16. I’ve always tried to be as gorgeous as you, but year after year you keep getting prettier. Happy birthday! 

17. You deserve some time to yourself on this special day, sister! 

18. Happy birthday, sis. You deserve the world! 

19. Aren’t you glad you always had me around when we were growing up? I never could have asked for a better big sister. 

20. Have a totally fab and groovy day today sis. You’ve earned it! 

21. Although I can’t be there celebrating with you today, I wish you the happiest day of all, my dear big sister! 

22. Happy birthday to a wonderfully wise old woman! 

23. Never start acting your age, big sis, otherwise I’d have no excuse! 

24. Have a drink on me big sis, it’s your birthday! 

25. Never change. You are as wonderful now as you were when we were kids. Happy birthday sister. 

Birthday Wishes for Younger Sister

26. Thanks for always letting me lay the blame on you, little sis! Happy birthday. 

27. Happy birthday. One year older and still none the wiser! 

28. May you receive all the blessings possible on your special day. I love you, sis. 

29. Happy birthday, little sister! 

30. I always felt the need to have your back when we were young, and all these years later, I still do, gladly. Happy birthday! 

31. I will always be happy to give you a helping hand, no matter how old we get! 

32. We all deserve as much cake as we can possibly eat today. It’s my little sister’s birthday! 

33. Happy birthday little sis, it’s time to start acting your age. Just kidding! 

34. No matter how old you get, you’ll always look 21 years young! 

35. Your presence makes life so fabulous. For that, I thank you and wish you a very happy birthday, little sister! 

36. I was always unsuccessful in turning you into my minion. Maybe this’ll be the year! 

37. Happy birthday little sis, I hope you never act your age! 

38. Aren’t you glad good looks run in the family? You can thank me later! 

39. Settle down with a big glass of wine and a good book on your special day. You deserve it! 

40. Behind the big sister, there’s always a mad little sister. Thanks for being you! 

41. The best little sister deserves the best birthday! 

42. Happy birthday, crazy cat lady! 

43. Groovy baby! it’s your birthday, sister!

44. The best thing about having a little sister is that I always had someone to blame my shenanigans on! 

45. May your birthday be as magical as an elephant on roller skates! 

46. I’m sorry I took all the good genes before you came around! Happy birthday! 

47. Happy birthday to the greatest gift our parents ever gave me! 

48. Happy birthday to the best little sister ever! 

49. You may be another year older, but at least you’ve got something to smile about: you’ll always be younger than me! 

50. Little sister, I love you more than I love Netflix and wine combined! 

Funny Birthday Wishes for Sister

51. Happy birthday to the best sister ever. I’d prefer it was my birthday, but whatever! 

52. Happy birthday! If it weren’t for me, you would have stood a chance of being mom and dad’s favorite! 

53. Thanks for always being there to make me look young! Happy birthday sister! 

54. Sister, you are like the brother I always wished for. (I think it’s the mustache!) 

55. My dearest sister, there’s nobody else like you in the world. Thank goodness for that! 

56. Being my sister is the only birthday present you really need!

57. This is an annual reminder of what an amazing sibling you have! 

58. My birthday wish for you is that your hangover lasts less than a day! 

59. Happy birthday sister! Let this be the year you finally get botox. 

60. Have a gin-credible birthday! 

61. Thank goodness I have you, therapy is expensive! 

62. Awesome possum wishes you a very happy birthday sister! 

63. Happy birthday to a purr-fectly crazy cat woman! 

64. I wish I had some dramatic story to tell you for your birthday, but you already know all my secrets! 

65. Maybe this will be the year you get good taste in men! Happy birthday, sister! 

66. Diamonds are forever, and so are sisters! 

67. Happy birthday. I guess I’ll have to be nice since it’s your birthday! 

68. Rock those granny pants old lady! Love ya! 

69. Happy birthday to my closest compatible organ donor! 

70. This might be cheesy, but I hope you have Edam good birthday! 

71. I think you’re annoying but mom said I had to wish you a happy birthday! 

72. This year I decided to get you an airbrush. It won’t fix your hair but it will fix your wrinkles! 

73. It’s time to stop pretending you’re young. Embrace those gray hairs sister! 

74. I hope you like this birthday message, because it’s also your gift! 

75. You’re just like the perfect bra: always supportive and close to my heart. Happy birthday sister! 

Sweet Birthday Wishes for Sister

76. As long as I have you for a sister, I’ll always have a best friend. I love you, sister. 

77. A bond between sisters is truly unbreakable, and for that, I am eternally grateful. Happy birthday! 

78. You inspire me to be the best person I can be. You’re the most wonderful sister anyone could ask for! 

79. My sweetest sister, you are simply one of a kind, and I love you so much! 

80. To my dearest sister, I love you more and more every single day! Happy birthday. 

81. You have so much to be proud of, sister. Sending you hugs and kisses on your special day.

82. I would be glad to be half of the woman you are! 

83. My precious sister, you are more valuable than all the diamonds in the world! 

84. I love you just as much today as any other day, my dear sister. Happy birthday! 

85. If I had a dollar for every lovely memory I had of you, I’d be a millionaire. 

86. To the best sister in the world, you are just as beautiful now as you always have been. 

87. I will love you as long as the world keeps turning, my dearest sister. Happy birthday. 

88. Even if I told you “happy birthday” a million times, it wouldn’t be enough to show you how much I love you. 

89. You have the biggest heart, and no matter what happens, you will always be my best friend, just as you have been from the start.

90. My oldest and dearest friend, happy birthday. I love you, sister! 

91. Even though we are both old now, you still know how to make me feel like a kid. 

92. You are the light of my life, and truly a beacon of hope and wisdom in this troubled world. 

93. May your birthday warm your heart just as your presence warms mine. 

94. We go together just like puzzle pieces, my dear sister. Happy birthday. 

95. You have the kindest soul, warmest heart, and biggest smile. You deserve to have a marvelous birthday, sister! 

96. When I think of you, I can’t help but grin. Sending this message was no different. Happy birthday. 

97. I could say a million different things, but the most important thing I can ever tell you is that I love you so much, sister. Happy birthday. 

98. Someone like you deserves to have their birthday every day. 

99. A sign of a very special bond is that it endures over decades and decades. That is why I am so proud to call you my sister. 

100. My wonderful sister, I can wholeheartedly say that you deserve every good thing today just as every other day. 

Birthday Wishes for Your Sister on Facebook or Instagram

101. Today is all about you, sister. Go wild! #wildchild 

102. Nobody knows me better than you do… So please, can you guess my Twitter password? I’m locked out. Happy birthday sis!

103. No matter how many birthdays go by, I will never miss the opportunity to embarrass you in front of all your friends on here. I LOVE YOU SIS! 

104. Happy birthday, from your favorite Facebook friend and your favorite sibling too! 

105. I was going to wish you a happy birthday on Twitter, but then I remembered you aren’t cool enough to have it! 

106. Happy birthday! Wait a sec… Aren’t you too old to have Facebook? 

107. Life is too short to spend your birthday on the internet. Go have fun! Happy birthday. 

108. Your birthday is so important to me that I’ve taken time out of doing nothing to post this message. Happy birthday sis! 

109. Happy 24 hours of constant Facebook notifications day! 

110. Happy birthday sister. Allow me to take this opportunity to tell you that you can always change your age in your Facebook settings. Nobody’s going to know! 

111. My dearest sister, I’m wishing you an early happy birthday now, so I don’t have to remember it later! 

112. May your year bring you as many blessings as you have friends on Facebook. 

113. Please be grateful for this birthday wish, as it took me 10 minutes to work out how to post it! 

114. I wish I could retweet my love for you over and over, my dear sister.

115. Happy birthday to my best friend and sister. You’re the only reason I still use this site. 

116. Happy birthday to the best sister ever. I care about you enough to not ignore the Facebook birthday reminder! 

117. Happy birthday to my favorite sister! I wanted to post a photo from your last birthday, but I think that would go against community guidelines…

118. I would have loved to share a story from when we were younger in celebration of your birthday, but I don’t want to get banned from Facebook! 

119. Let’s turn your Facebook wall into a birthday party! 

120. I wish there was an even lazier way than social media to wish you a happy birthday. JK! Happy birthday sis!

121. I searched far and wide for a good birthday card, but I ended up posting this instead! Happy birthday sis!  

122. I was dangerously close to having to send you a real birthday card, but thankfully my internet connection came back! 

123. If you reply to this Facebook birthday message today then I will be sorely disappointed. Get off your phone and go party! 

124. Happy birthday to one of the select few people whose birthdays I can remember without the Facebook reminder! 

125. Happy birthday to the queen of Facebook! I love you sister!

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