How to Check if someone read your Message on Instagram [2022]

Check if someone read your Message on Instagram

Instagram is one of the largest social networks on the internet in the world. Probably it comes on second after Facebook according to the data and updated statistics.

Instagram was acquired by Facebook a few years back at 1 billion $. They grew Instagram so much that today it is a 100 Billion USD plus subsidiary. Meta inc, innovated Instagram a lot.

Like Facebook Messenger, Instagram has the DM option in the app. This allows you to directly communicate with followers and friends instead of chatting in the comments section.

If we talk about Instagram DM specifically, it became quite similar to Messenger having all modes of communication like texting, calling, video calling, etc. 

Now the seen feature has been adopted by almost all of the popular social media communication sites. Every time a user receives a message it is his choice to open the message on the app or not. Once he or she opened the message the notification will be sent to the sender.

Check if someone read your Message on Instagram

The simplest and easiest way to check if someone has read your message or not! Just check is there Seen tag under the message you sent. If the seen tag is there it means the receiver has seen your message. And, if the tag is not there then it means the receiver didn’t see the message yet. If the tick is colored it means the person received the message but has not seen it.

Remember if you message to a private account, he or she will not see your message in the chat list. Instead, the message will be gone under the message request. The other person will open the message request and sees your message then you will know whether he or she has seen your message or not.

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