How to Enable Dark Mode on LinkedIn? [2022]

Enable Dark Mode on LinkedIn

Do you want to Enable Dark Mode on LinkedIn? I have written solutions for LinkedIn consumers, to turn on dark theme on their mobile and PC. And to be specific, such a facility can be triggered directly from the in-app or website’s settings.

LinkedIn is one of the most preffered platforms for business and employee-oriented services. It allows one to post new jobs and others to find the perfect job by communicating with the ad publishers.

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In a way, LinkedIn is mostly preffered by users who are into keeping up with their productivity scores. And when you are spending lots of time on a specific app or website, you would never want to eyesight to get hurt in the process.

How Do I Enable Dark Mode on LinkedIn?

Time needed: 1 minute.

You don’t have to spend any extra time installing a third-party app to turn on LinkedIn dark theme. Because on both mobile and PC, you have the option of triggering such a facility from the appearance settings.

  1. Enable LinkedIn Dark Mode on Mobile [Android & iOS]

    i. Open the LinkedIn app on your smartphone.

    ii. Tap on your Profile icon and select Settings.

    Enable Dark Mode on LinkedIn
    iii. Navigate to the Account Preferences.

    iv. Within the Display section, tap on Dark Mode.

    Enable LinkedIn Dark Mode on Mobile
    v. Select the Dark mode bullet.

    As an alternative, you can also enable dark mode on your mobile. The procedure is different for Android and iOS devices.

    a. Android: Settings >> Display >> Dark Theme.

    b. iOS: Settings >> Display & Brightness >> Dark.

  2. Enable LinkedIn Dark Mode on PC [Windows & Mac]

    i. Launch the LinkedIn website on your web browser.

    ii. Ensure that you have logged in.

    iii. Expand the Me menu and select the Settings & Privacy tab.

    Enable LinkedIn Dark Mode on PC
    iv. Choose Account Preferences from the left pane.

    v. Head over to the Dark Mode section.

    vi. Select the Dark Mode option.

    If you are using Chrome or any other chromium-based browser, you can also use the third-party dark theme extensions to trigger dark mode in LinkedIn.

Enable LinkedIn Dark Mode: Video Tutorial

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