How to Fast Forward TikTok Videos? [2022]

Fast Forward TikTok Videos

Do you want to Fast Forward TikTok Videos? I have written methods for mobile and PC users, to help them watch the TikTok videos as per their requirements. With the help of the drafted methods, they can fast forward or rewind videos on TikTok with ease.

TikTok is bieng one of the most favored social platforms to watch short videos. In the beginning, it felt annoying to watch the whole video, because there was no playback bar on any video.

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But now, the TikTok team has added a playback bar, to help individuals forward or rewind a video, as per their need. For that, they just have to ensure that they are currently using the latest of TikTok because such a facility isn’t available in most of the older versions.

It’s amazing that currently, only TikTok has provided the facility of forwarding or rewinding the short videos. On other platforms, users are stuck with watching the whole video with the normal playback speed.

How Do I Fast Forward TikTok Videos?

Time needed: 1 minute.

By using the playback bar that is presented on every TikTok video, users can rewind or fast-forward them. They are not required to install any third-party apps or add-ons to benefit from such a facility.

  1. Fast Forward Videos on TikTok Mobile

    i. Launch the TikTok app on your Android or iOS device.

    ii. Visit the Video that you fast forward or rewind.

    iii. You will start seeing a playback bar, beneath the video.

    Fast Forward TikTok Videos
    iv. Move the white dot to fast forward or rewind the TikTok video, within the playback bar.

  2. Fast Forward Videos on TikTok PC

    i. Open a web browser and visit the TikTok website on it.

    ii. Ensure that you have signed in with your registered TikTok account.

    iii. Select a video that you want to play currently.

    Fast Forward Videos on TikTok
    iv. A playback bar will be displayed on the video, which can be used to fast forward or rewind it.

Another Way:

In case you are not happy with the playback bar on TikTok, you can also opt to download it on your device. Lots of TikTok video downloaders are available in the market, you can get any one of them.

And if you are confused in selecting one TikTok video downloader, go for the 4K Tokkit. As this video downloader would allow you to download videos without losing the quality of the media.

Fast Forward TikTok Videos: Video Tutorial

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