How to Find Drafts on Facebook App? [2022]

Find Drafts on Facebook App

Do you want to Find Drafts on Facebook App? If you have saved a FB status or page draft and are willing to locate it, keep reading the rest of this post. As I have compiled methods to help you find Facebook drafts on Android and iOS devices.

Whenever you decide to save a post but not publish it, FB gives you the option of saving it in the drafts section. To save a post in drafts, you just have to close the post editor, and it’s automatically saved within drafts.

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To avoid saving unnecessary content, FB also removes the saved drafts after 3-days of time frame. So if a user wants to access the Facebook Drafts, he will have to do it within 3-days, or else it will be discarded by Facebook.

How Do I Find Drafts on Facebook App?

Time needed: 1 minute.

There are two methods to find Facebook profile drafts. Whereas, there’s also a procedure to acquire the Facebook page drafts. I have discussed all three possible methods to get such content from Facebook, directly from within the app.

  1. Access Saved Facebook Drafts

    i. Launch the Facebook app and stay on your timeline.

    ii. Tap on Post a Status and write whatever’s on your mind.

    Find Drafts on Facebook App
    iii. Cancel the post and select the Save as Draft option.

    iv. After receiving a notification about the saved draft, navigate to your notification bar.

    v. Tap on the Saved Draft notification.

    Access Saved Facebook Drafts
    vi. You will be navigated to the drafts section, where you can reveal all the saved drafts.

  2. List of Facebook Drafts

    i. From the main interface of the Facebook app, tap on the new post or status bar.

    List of Facebook Drafts
    ii. In case you have any drafts saved on your profile, their list will start appearing in the pop-up.

    iii. You can then edit, remove, or publish them on Facebook.

  3. Get Facebook Page Drafts

    i. From your Facebook app, tap on the hamburger icon.

    Get Facebook Page Drafts
    ii. Tap on the Pages section.

    iii. Select a page on which you think a draft is saved.

    iv. Navigate to the Drafts section.

    Find Drafts on Facebook App
    v. After accessing the list of page drafts, you can customize and publish them on Facebook.

Find Drafts on Facebook App: Video Tutorial

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