How to See Who Viewed Your Instagram Videos? [2022]

See Who Viewed Your Instagram Videos

Do you want to See Who Viewed Your Instagram Videos? If you are interested in getting the full list of viewers of your videos on Instagram, keep reading the rest of this article. As I have compiled a section to help you understand the answers to this query.

Every IG can avail the opportunity of growing followers, by publishing videos. They can keep on publishing content in the shape of videos, to attract more audiences, who are interested in getting more interesting content.

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But the problem is that you have to be sure what sort of content your audience likes, and what measures you should be taking to get more followers. Because not everybody’s into funny or dull content.

So it’s always better to check out your Instagram Metrics or view the list of people who viewed your Instagram videos. So then, you can finally be assured of the fact what content gets more liking and viewership.

How Do I See Who Viewed Your Instagram Videos?

Time needed: 2 minutes.

You can’t just go to your post and view the list of viewers, but you need to implement a workaround to complete this task. That’s why considering the demand of IG users, I have written some methods that are similar to this query and a way to actually view Instagram videos viewership.

  1. View Instagram Video Count

    i. Launch the Instagram app and navigate to your profile.

    ii. Visit your IG post which contains a video.

    View Instagram Video Count
    iii. Right beneath your video, the View Count is represented.

  2. View Instagram Videos Likes

    i. Visit the IG post which you published and tap on the View Count.

    ii. On the next page, the number of persons who liked your video is shown.

    iii. You can also swipe down to get the list of people who liked your IG video.

    View Instagram Videos Likes

  3. See Views and Viewers of Instagram Story

    You can actually publish your videos as your stories, to see who actually keeps viewing the content you publish. Here’s the method to see who has viewed your Instagram story.

    i. From the Instagram app, tap on the Your Story icon.

    See Who Viewed Your Instagram Videos
    ii. The number of views will be shown in the bottom left corner.

    iii. To get the whole list of viewers, swipe up.

How to Get Instagram Metrics?

If you are interested in getting the detailed Instagram analytics, you will have to enable the Bussiness Account on Instagram. Because only then, you will be allowed to view your IG Metrics.

  • Navigate to your profile on Instagram.
  • Launch a post of your choice.
Instagram Metrics
  • Tap on the View Insights option.

That’s all, it’sDailySocial has got on How to See Who Viewed Your Instagram Videos.

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