250 Best Never Have I Ever Questions [2022]

Never Have I Ever Questions

Looking for some “Never Have I Ever” Questions? In this post, I’ve compiled a list of questions that can be used in the Never Have I Ever game. So they get to make their friends drunk by using this silly questions game.

The Never Have I Ever game is played among friends, listing the experiences they have made in their past. If a member of the circle has experienced that moment, he has to drink or take a short for representing the yes gesture.

There are moments when you are short of questions to ask your friends. It’s not your fault that you are sitting with a bunch of adults, and you don’t have anything left to ask them, what they have experienced.

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In such a case, acknowledgment of the following can be very beneficial. Because then, either your friends or you would be the ones to get drunk, because nobody could have such experiences in a lifetime.

List of Never Have I Ever Questions

1. Never have I ever cheated on a partner.

2. Never have I ever gone skinny dipping.

3. Never have I ever faked sick from work.

4. Never have I ever cheated on a test.

5. Never have I ever marched in a protest.

6. Never have I ever overdrafted my bank account.

7. Never have I ever eaten someone else’s lunch from the office fridge.

8. Never have I ever played strip poker.

9. Never have I ever smoked a joint.

10. Never have I ever peed in a pool.

11. Never have I ever tried hard drugs.

12. Never have I ever fallen asleep in public.

13. Never have I ever fallen asleep at work.

14. Never have I ever lied on my resume.

15. Never have I ever drunk-dialed my ex.

16. Never have I ever dropped acid.

17. Never have I ever had a one-night stand.

18. Never have I ever read a partner’s text messages.

19. Never have I ever read a partner’s emails.

20. Never have I ever been hospitalized for something other than giving birth or being born.

21. Never have I ever sang in public.

22. Never have I ever played a musical instrument.

23. Never have I ever gone snowboarding.

24. Never have I ever gone skiing.

25. Never have I ever traveled to a foreign country.

Never Have I Ever Questions

26. Never have I ever learned a foreign language.

27. Never have I ever sent a stranger a drink.

28. Never have I ever accepted a drink from a stranger.

29. Never have I ever lied about my income.

30. Never have I ever gotten busy in a public place.

31. Never have I ever been nude in public.

32. Never have I ever dated or hooked up with someone 10 years older.

33. Never have I ever dated or hooked up with someone 5 years younger.

34. Never have I ever texted or taken a call at the movies.

35. Never have I ever convinced a friend to dump a partner.

36. Never have I ever convinced a partner to dump a friend.

37. Never have I ever been someone else’s alibi.

38. Never have I ever hopped a turnstile.

39. Never have I ever snitched on someone else at work.

40. Never have I ever donated an organ.

41. Never have I ever lied to a law enforcement officer.

42. Never have I ever been a maid of honor.

43. Never have I ever been a best man.

44. Never have I ever called a partner the wrong name.

45. Never have I ever thought a friend’s baby was ugly.

46. Never have I ever won more than $50 gambling.

47. Never have I ever lost more than $50 gambling.

48. Never have I ever gone vegan.

49. Never have I ever used a fake ID.

50. Never have I ever lied about my age.

51. Never have I ever had a lucid dream.

52. Never have I ever campaigned for a political candidate.

53. Never have I ever had chicken pox.

54. Never have I ever flashed someone.

55. Never have I ever mooned someone.

56. Never have I ever lied to my best friend.

57. Never have I ever had a road rage incident.

58. Never have I ever cut in line on purpose.

59. Never have I ever held a grudge longer than a year.

60. Never have I ever blabbed something I swore to secrecy.

61. Never have I ever ruined someone else’s vacation.

62. Never have I ever chipped a tooth.

63. Never have I ever tried a fad diet.

64. Never have I ever cut my own hair.

65. Never have I ever been awake for 24 straight hours or more.

66. Never have I ever accidentally said “I love you” to someone.

67. Never have I ever cried or flirted my way out of a ticket.

68. Never have I ever snooped through a friend’s room, cabinets or property.

69, Never have I ever gotten busy in a car.

70. Never have I ever worked with someone I couldn’t stand.

71. Never have I ever had a friend with benefits.

72. Never have I ever eaten food that broke the five-second rule.

73. Never have I ever spent an entire day watching reality TV.

74. Never have I ever sent nudes.

75. Never have I ever received nudes.

76. Never have I ever blamed a fart on a pet.

77. Never have I ever thought a cartoon character was hot.

78. Never have I ever Googled someone before a date.

79. Never have I ever re-gifted something.

80. Never have I ever crashed a party or wedding.

81. Never have I ever dated a musician.

82. Never have I ever been on a blind date.

83. Never have I ever gotten or given a hickey.

84. Never have I ever gotten a bedroom-related injury.

85. Never have I ever tried moonshine.

86. Never have I ever seen someone die.

87. Never have I ever had a wardrobe malfunction.

88. Never have I ever run for my life.

89. Never have I ever been in a talent show.

90. Never have I ever gotten stitches.

91. Never have I ever tried to make an ex jealous.

92. Never have I ever driven a stick shift.

93. Never have I ever set something on fire while cooking.

94. Never have I ever set a friend up on a date.

95. Never have I ever started a hashtag.

96. Never have I ever paid for adult content.

97. Never have I ever been scuba diving.

98. Never have I ever hooked up with someone of the same sex or gender.

99. Never have I ever done a “drive-by” of an ex or crush’s house.

100. Never have I ever danced in the rain.

101. Never have I ever danced on a table.

102. Never have I ever joined the mile-high club.

103. Never have I ever slept in my car.

104. Never have I ever been on TV.

105. Never have I ever had frostbite.

106. Never have I ever had a blistering sunburn.

107. Never have I ever gotten sick on a date.

108. Never have I ever had food poisoning.

109. Never have I ever purposely given someone bad advice.

110. Never have I ever heckled a live performance.

111. Never have I ever had surgery.

112. Never have I ever hit a parked car.

113. Never have I ever thrown someone else a surprise party.

114. Never have I ever had a surprise party thrown for me.

115. Never have I ever adjusted myself in public.

116. Never have I ever gone commando.

117. Never have I ever worn a wig or extensions.

118. Never have I ever dressed in drag.

119. Never have I ever been dumpster diving.

120. Never have I ever broken a bone.

121. Never have I ever returned something after I wore it.

122. Never have I ever peed my pants as an adult.

123. Never have I ever slid into a stranger’s DMs.

124. Never have I ever slid into an ex’s DMs.

125. Never have I ever been in a helicopter.

Never Have I Ever Questions

126. Never have I ever lost my shoes during a night out.

127. Never have I ever had surgery.

128. Never have I ever parked in a handicap spot.

129. Never have I ever flirted with a married person.

130. Never have I ever second-guessed a relationship.

131. Never have I ever had braces.

132. Never have I ever had a cavity.

133. Never have I ever hitchhiked.

134. Never have I ever picked up a hitchhiker.

135. Never have I ever changed a tire.

136. Never have I ever lied about my relationship status.

137. Never have I ever lied on a dating profile.

138. Never have I ever gotten seasick.

139. Never have I ever had a broken heart.

140. Never have I ever broken someone else’s heart.

141. Never have I ever fallen in love.

142. Never have I ever fallen in love at first sight.

143. Never have I ever sneezed on a stranger.

144. Never have I ever thrown up in public.

145. Never have I ever wished I had kids.

146. Never have I ever wished I didn’t have kids.

147. Never have I ever seen something creepy while using public transportation.

148. Never have I ever sexted an ex.

149. Never have I ever sent a sext to the wrong person.

150. Never have I ever gotten gum in my hair.

151. Never have I ever walked in on my parents.

152. Never have I ever eaten an entire pizza alone.

153. Never have I ever eaten an entire pack of Oreos in one sitting.

154. Never have I ever drank an entire bottle of wine.

155. Never have I ever witnessed a crime.

156. Never have I ever ridden a horse.

157. Never have I ever fainted.

158. Never have I ever clogged a toilet.

159. Never have I ever been camping.

160. Never have I ever donated blood.

161. Never have I ever gotten in a physical fight.

162. Never have I ever lurked my partner’s ex on social media.

163. Never have I ever snuck into a movie.

164. Never have I ever filmed an intimate moment.

165. Never have I ever fired a gun.

166. Never have I ever dropped a baby.

167. Never have I ever run a marathon.

168. Never have I ever lied about who I voted for.

169. Never have I ever shared a news story without reading past the headline.

170. Never have I ever been fired from a job.

171. Never have I ever fought with a partner in public.

172. Never have I ever beaten a video game.

173. Never have I ever flirted with a waiter or bartender.

174. Never have I ever waited tables.

175. Never have I ever worked retail.

176. Never have I ever been blackout drunk.

177. Never have I ever run a red light.

178. Never have I ever been cheated on.

179. Never have I ever been the subject of a rumor that wasn’t true.

180. Never have I ever spread a rumor I knew wasn’t true.

181. Never have I ever met a celebrity.

182. Never have I ever tipped less than 10 percent.

183. Never have I ever tipped more than 50 percent.

184. Never have I ever cried at a party.

185. Never have I ever cried at work.

186. Never have I ever cried in public.

187. Never have I ever used a gas station bathroom.

188. Never have I ever gotten into a fender bender.

189. Never have I ever gone to work hungover.

190. Never have I ever cursed in front of an in-law.

191. Never have I ever cursed at an in-law.

192. Never have I ever worn white to a wedding.

193. Never have I ever performed onstage.

194. Never have I ever laughed at a funeral.

195. Never have I ever given someone a fake phone number.

196. Never have I ever left a mean YouTube comment.

197. Never have I ever trolled a stranger online.

198. Never have I ever been in a police car.

199. Never have I ever danced on a pole.

200. Never have I ever been to a strip club.

Fun Never Have I Ever Questions

201. Never have I ever watched a NASCAR race.

202. Never have I ever been to a pro wrestling match.

203. Never have I ever been to an MLB  game.

204. Never have I ever been to an NBA or WNBA game.

205. Never have I ever been to an NFL game.

206. Never have I ever been to an NHL game.

207. Never have I ever gone surfing.

208. Never have I ever been on a cruise.

209. Never have I ever tried bodybuilding.

210. Never have I ever tried cross-fit.

211. Never have I ever visited a nude beach.

212. Never have I ever cursed in front a of a child.

213. Never have I ever called the cops on someone else.

214. Never have I ever shoplifted.

215. Never have I ever gone bungee jumping.

216. Never have I ever left a negative Yelp review.

217. Never have I ever went more than three days without showering.

218. Never have I ever went more than a day without brushing my teeth.

219. Never have I ever read someone else’s mail.

220. Never have I ever ghosted someone.

221. Never have I ever been ghosted.

222. Never have I ever blamed someone else for my mistake at work.

223. Never have I ever taken credit for someone else’s work.

224. Never have I ever hooked up with a friend’s sibling.

225. Never have I ever hooked up with a sibling’s friend.

226. Never have I ever hooked up with a friend’s ex.

227. Never have I ever hooked up with an ex’s friend.

228. Never have I ever had a black eye.

229. Never have I ever lost my voice.

230. Never have I ever given a eulogy.

231. Never have I ever stolen something from my workplace.

232. Never have I ever stagedived.

233. Never have I ever been backstage at a concert.

234. Never have I ever been arrested.

235. Never have I ever been someone’s one phone call from jail.

236. Never have I ever lied to my kids.

237. Never have I ever lied to my parents.

238. Never have I ever gone more than 20 mph over the speed limit.

239. Never have I ever had a paranormal experience.

240. Never have I ever gone skydiving.

241. Never have I ever spent a night in jail.

242. Never have I ever dined and ditched.

243. Never have I ever lurked my ex on social media.

244. Never have I ever lied on social media.

245. Never have I ever eaten a ghost pepper.

246. Never have I ever auditioned for a reality show.

247. Never have I ever kissed a stranger.

248. Never have I ever prank called someone.

249. Never have I ever lied during this game!

250. Never have I ever gone streaking.

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