How to fix Sorry, we couldn’t log you in on Instagram [2022]

Sorry, we couldn’t log you in on Instagram

Are you facing an error, Sorry, we couldn’t log you in on Instagram. If you are having issues with Login on IG, read the following post. As I have written several solutions to help you solve this issue.

Instagram is undoubtedly famous for its media sharing option. So once the Login to account stops working, there are not many things to do on the app. Because then, you can’t see anything and nether post your stuff.

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This issue can be triggered due to various reasons. It is possible that the IG servers aren’t working for the moment or you are simply encountering this issue because of an outdated app.

How Do I Fix Sorry, we couldn’t log you in on Instagram?

Time needed: 6 minutes.

Depending upon the nature of the Sorry, we couldn’t log you in error on Instagram, users are requested to implement multiple solutions until it is removed from their account.

  1. Update Instagram

    One reason why you are troubled by this issue can be the outdated app. It would be good for you to keep the Instagram app updated, so you are not bothered by any in-app issues.

    i. Launch the Play Store and use the search bar to locate Instagram.

    ii. Navigate to the page of Instagram.

    iii. Tap on the Update button.

  2. Consult Support

    Rather than implying any lengthy tricks by yourself, you should consider consulting the Instagram support team. Simply report a problem, telling the nature of the problem, which you are facing while using Instagram.

    Instagram Reels Not Working
    From profile settings, go to the Help section. Now select the Report a Problem option. Submit your query and wait for the team to contact you, as soon as possible.

  3. Join Beta

    Some extra features are included within the app’s Beta version, allowing users to bypass the previously encountered errors. You should also try joining the Beta program, to help yourself access IG reels.

    i. Open the Play Store on your mobile.

    ii. Go to the Instagram app’s page.

    iii. Swipe down a little and under Join the Beta, tap on the Join link.

    iv. Confirm your action.

    v. Now, update the Instagram app to access the Beta program.

  4. Sign Out/In Account

    In case you are still unable to access IG reels, you should sign out of your account and sign in, after waiting for a couple of seconds.

    To do so, go to the Profile Settings on Instagram and tap on the Logout link. Now, relaunch the app and log in using your IG account credentials.

  5. Remove App Cache

    Maybe you are facing this reels not showing issue because of the app’s junk files. In that scenario, you should consider clearing the app’s cache, to get rid of the junk files.

    i. From the app drawer of your mobile, long-tap on the icon of Instagram.

    ii. Select the App Info option from the given menu.

    iii. Go to the Storage section.

    iv. Tap on the Clear Cache button.

    v. Relaunch the Instagram app.

  6. Reinstall Instagram

    In most cases, you are only left with the option of reinstalling the Instagram app. This way, all the glitched app data is removed from the device’s memory that’s causing the issue.

    i. Tap-n-hold on the icon of Instagram.

    ii. Select the Uninstall option and confirm your action.

    iii. Reinstall the Instagram app from the Playstore.

    iv. Launch the app and log-in using your active IG account details.

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