How to Stop Getting Message Requests from Strangers on Facebook [2022]

Stop Getting Message Requests from Strangers on Facebook

Today, we are guding to anti-social people how they can stop Getting Message Requests from Strangers on Facebook. FB is the largest platform among all social media hubs, it connects more than 2 billion people with each other.

The biggest drawback of Facebook is due to overpopulation random people get connected with random people. Some people are anti-social they don’t like to contact or be contacted with or by strangers. They are privacy conscious and they only want to be in contact with their friends and family.

On the other hand, there is a hell of stalkers, new friend seekers, relation builders, and sales and marketing representatives. All of them just try to be in someone’s messages. They want the response of people from other than the comments section.

So, they try to hit the direct messages of people in order to get the desired response. Not everyone likes such way of direct approach. So, what can a person do who doesn’t like getting these messages or message requests? he or she can stop Getting Message Requests from Strangers on Facebook.

How to Stop Getting Message Requests from Strangers on Facebook

Here is the way through which you can stop Getting Message Requests from Strangers on Facebook. All you need to explore some settings on FB Messenger and make the necessary moves.

  1. Stop Getting Message Requests on FB

    Step 1: At the first step, you must launch the Facebook messenger app on your Android or iPhone device.

    Step 2: Head over to your profile icon on the upper left corner of the messenger screen and tap on it.

    Step 3: Once you opened your profile page, you will see the Privacy option under the Preferences tab; click on it.

    Step 4: Under the Privacy tab, you must tap the option titled Message Delivery.

    Step 5: Under the Message Delievery section, you need to tap on the Friends of Friends on Facebook option.

    Under the friends of friends, You will see three options; 

    .Message requests
    .Don’t receive requests

    You must set it to Don’t Receive Requests.

    Step 6: After selecting the right choice, You will receive a confirmation pop-up message to confirm your action.

    The confirmation popup will state like:  

    This will also turn off requests from others on Facebook. You won’t receive new message requests from anyone on Facebook. Do you want to update the settings?

    Confirm your action by tapping on Update Settings.

    Similarly, you will see options for Accounts you follow or have chatted with on Instagram and Your followers on Instagram if your Instagram is linked with Facebook.

    Please perform the same actions for these options, too, if you wish not to prohibit people from sending you message requests.

    Under the Other people category, you will have the option to block message requests from everyone who is basically strangers to you on the app.

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